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The Language Gallery Canada adopts a communicative approach to language learning utilizing authentic materials focused on active participation and meaningful communication to develop the ability of learners to use English freely and competently.

Our teachers are guides, facilitators rather than instructors, helping you explore what you can already do with the language and identifying where you have gaps in your knowledge. You will be given the types of tasks you need for life inside and out of the classroom.

Communicative Approach

This student–centered approach encourages responsibility for the learning process and is a great strategy to engage learners in what they learn, offers an opportunity to explore, take risks and experiment with the language.

We believe in inductive learning, where meaning and rules of the language are first discovered by you then, confirmed by the teacher and finally, applied in new and various ways. This approach to learning will equip you with vital critical thinking and makes learning memorable (guided discovery technique).

Rather than focusing on rote grammar lessons, we adopt the lexical approach to language learning, we draw your attention to functional words and phrases that are common and natural in real-life situations.

Our classes also follow a theme based, integrated skills approach to language learning, therefore, vocabulary or grammar exercises will always lead into reading and/or listening which consequently, move you progressively toward stronger understanding of a topic or an idea, writing and speaking activities are introduced, ultimately allowing gaining greater independence in the learning process.


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