Started on December 6, 2021

The One-to-One classes focus 100% on your specific needs.

We can spot any areas you need to strengthen and work with you to meet your individual goals. The Language Gallery Canada (TLGC) offers its one-on-one course as a stand-alone class or combined with a core English class.

With a One-to-One course, you’ll get a personal teacher that can focus completely on your specific needs. The topics that you will study are decided between you and your teacher to make sure that you achieve the goals you are aiming for. Whether you want to improve your overall English language skills or focus on a particular area, you can tailor the course to your own requirements.


Content & Structure

The structure of the one-to-one class depends on your needs. It can be taken for as long as you feel they are necessary. This gives you the freedom to progress at your own pace as you work towards achieving your individual study needs. You can bring questions to class and request supplementary exercises from your teacher that will help strengthen the areas you feel you need improvement in.



After taking this course, you will:

  • Be more able to meet your individual goals
  • Strengthen any areas that you would like to improve.



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